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Discussion Summary: Overcoming weaknesses in dry processes for TSV metallization

This week’s online forum with Alchimer’s executive team, Steve Lerner, CEO; Kathy Cook, Director of Business Development; and Claudio Truzzi, CTO, offered the opportunity for unique insight into company’s core technology, AquiVia, and how it addresses limitations of traditional dry processes for TSV metallization. »

Terepac begins pilot production of printed silicon ICs

Terepac Corporation has begun shipping samples of its ultrathin, flexible, silicon-based products to selected customers from its plant in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, CEO Ric Asselstine announced. »

Taking the “pick” out of pick-and-place

Up until now, although it was possible to manufacture miniscule (e.g. 175µm square) RFID and wireless sensor chips using advanced lithography processes, assembling and packaging such devices was impossible. But a novel transfer printing technology, developed by start-up Terapac Corp. of Waterloo, Ontario, stands ready to render the impossible possible. 3D InCites talked to Terapac’s CTO, Jayna... »

Pre-conference symposium reviews 3D integration

It’s always a challenge to adequately sum up several hours of detailed discussion on a topic, and this afternoon’s symposium was no different. »

The TSV wave hits Asian shores

A wise industry executive once told me (ok, it was Wilfried Bair, of SUSS MicroTec) that we would know when TSV was close to market adoption when the major players started considering it as viable option. By major players, he meant first-tier foundries, packaging houses, and device manufacturers. He makes a good point, because when you think about it, as important as it is for the equipment and m... »

Is the industry ready for 3D ICs?

My favorite people to talk to in the 3D space are those who work in R&D. There is an energy – an enthusiasm – that is contagious. These people are by nature problem solvers. I like that. You rarely hear them dwelling on economic woes. They are the idea people, and they are excited about what they do, and are eager to talk about it. They’re also not as secretive with their findings as ... »

EV Group secures order for 300mm Bonder from SEMATECH

SEMATECH has selected EVG's fully automated 300-mm GEMINI® wafer bonder for enabling next-generation TSV and 3D interconnects. The system will be installed in SEMATECH's 3D R&D Center at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's (CNSE) Albany NanoTech Complex in Q4 2009. »

Alchimer Introduces AquiVia Deposition Process

Alchimer S.A. announced that its  AquiVia deposition process is ready for implementation. AquiVia process can reportedly reduce overall cost of ownership for through-silicon via (TSV) metallization by up to 65% vs. conventional dry processes. AquiVia combines wet deposition processes for insulation, barrier, and seed layers in TSV metallization. This unique full stack approach utilizes Alc... »

A final (?) word on filling TSVs

Now look what I’ve started. After posting Bob Patti’s solution for performing UBM with conformal TSVs, I got a phone call from a 25 year industry veteran who prefers not to be identified, but who disagreed with Bob’s response. He maintains that when forming TSVs in a via-first approach for the purpose of silicon interposers, they must be either completely filled with copper, or lined with co... »

EVG’s partnership with Léti adds a third dimension

As the old saying goes, things usually happen in threes… and in this case 3D. Three years ago, EV Group (EVG) teamed up with Brewer Science, Inc. (BSI) to develop temporary wafer bonding and debonding processes using EVG tools and BSI's materials. Just a few weeks ago, CEA Léti and BSI announced a joint development program (JDP) for temporary wafer bonding and debonding processes to achieve 3D ... »

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