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TSV copper fill: is it necessary for UBM?

In response to a recent post about the whether/when it is necessary to completely fill TSVs, or sufficient to line them, I received an inquiry from Dr. Zhang of IME, where he has been researching with TSV formation for 2 ½ years. According to Zhang, he hasn’t been able to build reliable vias without completely filling them (either with all copper or copper liner + polymer or other materials). »

More about UBM for conformal TSVs

In response to the previous post, Bob Patti of Tezzaron Semiconductors weighed in with a solution to performing under bump metallization (UBM) on conformal (lined rather than filled) TSVs. Patti says that Dr. Zhang is correct in stating that you can't put UBM on top of a conformal TSV. However, he suggests solving the issue by placing a pad next to the TSV and putting the UBM there. Thanks for you... »

June Events in 3D

As May rolls right into June, so do the 3D events; or should I say events in which 3D topics are addressed. Indeed, it seems as if 3D is permeating just about everything. From looking at the programs, it’s clear that organizers are struggling with categorizing presentations to fit under one categorical umbrella. Oftentimes, while there are dedicated tracks, there’s overflow into others. Anothe... »

“Francoise in 3D” resurfaces in AZ

For the past two weeks, I’ve been slightly preoccupied with relocating from Massachusetts to Arizona. For much of that time, due to the drive across country and then subsequent delay in installing internet access at my new abode, I was disconnected from the internet and industry activities; needless to say, it’s a slightly unsettling feeling for an industry commentator. Today, FINALLY, I’m ... »

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