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3d is hot at SEMICON West

Given the building momentum around 3D integration schemes and the attention it's getting as the semiconductor bright spot, it's no surprise that at this year’s SEMICON West, there are more programs focused on 3D integration technology issues, both on and off-site, than last year. In fact, if you want to plan your itinerary around all things 3D, you can easily fill your schedule.(Trust me on th... »

At IMAPS 2009, IBM Bradley McCredie gets real about scaling

It looks like it’s time to throw in the towel on scaling. According to Bradley McCredie, Ph.D., IBM fellow and VP of IBM systems and technology center, classical scaling is dead, because atoms don’t scale. “Aggressively scaled oxides, 5-6 atoms thick, leak current like a sieve,” noted McCredie. »

Getting the picture in 3D

When you’re totally immersed in any one topic, and therefore listen to nothing but presentations about novel processes, solutions, progress, innovations, equipment advancements on said topic for days at time, you start to hear A LOT of the same stuff over and over again. You assume everyone else has heard the same thing, until you realize that if this is their first presentation on said topic, t... »

Can you hear me thinking?

I wasn’t surprised at how loud my thoughts could be. After all, I have to listen to my own mind chatter all the time. In fact, I expected it to start out loud and was surprised when there were intervals of complete silence in the beginning. Apparently daydreaming doesn’t stimulate activity. So I tried thinking of phrases in French and German, and counting backwards from 100. That got it goin... »

TSVs: just the tip of the 3D ICeberg

At ECTC last week, I counted at least 21 presentations dedicated to TSVs alone, and 13 dedicated to other processes for 3D IC integration. The sheer volume and depth of research required around bringing these technologies to market is sometimes lost on those of us who sit outside the circle of academia and research, and only hear about those that make it to marketability. »

NEXX Systems: Going Strong in Tough Times

View slide show of my visit to NEXX »

TGIF 3D Buzz #2

A German friend of mine suggested I might want to keep my European readers in mind when I use typically American catch-phrases in my blog, such as the title of my Friday blog posts. So just in case anyone reading was wondering what TGIF stands for, it’s Thank God Its Friday. This gives me an idea. Lets make this international. Submit a similar sentiment in your native language, and I'll use them... »