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Alchimer introduces seedless wet deposition; eliminates entire step from TSV stacking

Alchimer S.A.,provider of technology for the deposition of nanometric films used in both semiconductor interconnects and 3D through-silicon vias (TSV), announced a groundbreaking advance in TSV formation that eliminates one of the traditional metallization steps. »

Soitec unleashes the Power of Three

A walk across the impressive Bernin, France campus that is home to two of Soitec Group’s three divisions takes you past three production-level fab facilities – aptly named Bernin 1, Bernin 2, and Bernin 3, plus a development facility. The company’s three-stage business model encompasses innovation, licensing, and production to allow for seamless transfer of full technology and process... »

Jisso International Council 2009: Defining 3D

The Jisso International Council (JIC) successfully completed its 10th annual meeting at the facilities of Minatec in Grenoble, France, at which the third dimension was a key topic. JIC’s interest in 3D is predicated on their ongoing efforts to harmonize standardization and industry terminology for electronic interconnections. »

What’s your semi lingo IQ?

I’ve long been fascinated with the vernacular of the semiconductor industry, which is riddled with acronyms that can often mean different things whether you’re referring to front-end or back-end applications. Additionally, as 3D technologies have developed, so has a whole new set of terms that are evolving right along with the processes. It certainly makes for interesting discussion, as I fou... »

Happy Birthday, IMEC!

I finally realized why I find the semiconductor industry so compelling, and why the people are so great to work with. It’s because it’s made up of people who like to fix things and find solutions. This came to me while I was reading this morning’s email, which included an announcement of IMEC’s 25 Anniversary Celebration, which takes place as part of this year’s IMEC Technology Forum (... »

Interview with Steve Lerner: 3D Start-up Alchimer Poised for Success

Talk about good timing. It’s been a whirlwind year of accomplishments for Alchimer, a French semiconductor start-up whose product portfolio is based on nanometric chemical formulations and wet processes for wafer deposition applications. I first got wind of Alchimer’s flagship product, eGViacoat, as a judge for SEMI’s inaugural Best of the West Award program at SEMICON West 2008. Since then,... »